the weather is cooler and the days are shorter.  winter is looming on the horizon. i know.  i know.  i think winter is looming even when it’s june.  but it truly looms now. i also have a cold. i watched oldboy with some friends two nights ago.  the final scene caught me unexpectedly.  it was […]

snow falls upon a hill, springtime will erase the chill… yesterday was a balmy 51 F.  the roads have been clear of snow for over a month.  but this morning, i woke up to whiteness.  and the weather forecasts predicts snow for the next three days.  oh canada, how i loathe thee.


today was the first morning in what seems like forever that i didn’t wake up feeling entirely crappy and having to rush to work/school in two minutes’ time. i must say, it felt good. mind you, i wasn’t exactly ms. chipper, nor am i anywhere close to being fully rested, but things were certainly many […]