don’t know why, but i’ve been thinking about mom a lot lately.  must be the season.  i hate christmas. the clouds ran away, opened up the sky, and one by one i watched every constellation die and there i was, frozen, standing in my backyard, face to face, eye to eye, staring at the last […]

now i lead a false life, an apocryphal, clandestine, invisible life, though truer than if it were real, but i was still me when i met rodney falk. — javier cercas, the speed of light, 3 i know that when i start spending interminable nights with john mcclane, dancing and jiggling to all manner of […]

do you have a boyfriend?

being in the philippines could be so interesting for my love life.  for one, i get hit on randomly by filipino men all the time.  “hit on” isn’t even the right word, since it connotes the aggressive act of trying to get a date with someone.  what ends up happening is that sweet looking young […]