we live in what kills us

this poem is a recent discovery of mine, though i’m sure it’s regularly taught in high school english classes.  its imagery is wonderful, and it resonates with me particularly now, especially the last four lines. For Julia, In the Deep Water The instructor we hire because she does not love you Leads you into the […]

and all of this is drawing a picture, a pattern, something nonexistent like you and me, like two points lost in Paris that go from here to there, from there to here, drawing their picture, putting on a dance for nobody, not even for themselves, an interminable pattern without any meaning.  — cortazar, rayuela merry […]

blank joy

She who did not come, wasn’t she determined nonetheless to organize and decorate my heart? If we had to exist to become the one we love, what would the heart have to create? Lovely joy left blank, perhaps you are the center of all my labors and my loves. If I’ve wept for you so […]

¿Cómo puedo no conocer hoy tu rostro mañana, el que ya está o se fragua bajo la cara que enseñas o bajo la careta que llevas, y que me mostrarás tan sólo cuando no lo espere? How can I not know today your face tomorrow, the face that is there already or is being forged […]

boy and (?) girl

yesterday, while looking up a type of dress mentioned in madame bovary, i came across a wikipedia article about the breeching of boys.  the following is an example of the awesome dress boys used to wear.  the original caption read “Boston, 1755-1760, boy and (?) girl”. oh, the gems the internet will throw at you […]