it’s been a weird summer.  a long-short summer.

of course, summer has been over for a while.  but as i am on the other side of the world, where summer is still very real, i feel i can still talk about it.

after japan, i spent some time working at an archiving job in which i didn’t get paid.  was i volunteering?  no.  i just didn’t get paid.

that was lovely.

soon after, i was hired at the cbc as a production assistant for a food show called best recipes ever.  for 6 weeks, i lived, breathed, slept the cbc.  if you wanted to find me, chances were i was doing something for the show.  it was, to say the least, an interesting experience, one that gave me many memorable moments.  i went on epic food shopping trips.  i nearly went out of my mind with paranoia carrying $2500 in cash going out on friday nights.  i spent inordinate amounts of time with my few coworkers that frequently culminated in exhaustion, or outbreaks of song and dance, or bizarre instances of both.  i acquainted myself with every noteworthy butcher in the city.  i stressed and sped and ate delicious food out of plastic liter containers in my car while stopped at red lights.

and my life has changed in notable ways.  i have acquired useful skills for the better functioning of everyday life.  i now look for only the most beautiful produce.  i actually think and vocalize my thoughts of food products as appropriate for display (me: “the tops on those carrots are beautiful.  they would be really nice for display, don’t you think?”  friend: “uh…” with accompanying awkward laugh).  i want to  purchase two spray bottles – for water and vinegar (after all, i have to water my new basil plant.  and clean my counter tops).  should i care to, i can make a perfect bowl of sour cream, complete with a soft peak on top.

oh, the joys.

and then, with as much suddenness as work began, it abruptly ended.  like a short-lived, heady, intense love affair – it consumed me, and then vanished.

now i am in the philippines once again.  it feels emptier this time.  i haven’t much to do, and what i do have, i can hardly muster the energy to actually perform.  i listen to music.  infrequently, distractedly.  i read.  slowly, with little attention and even less comprehension.  i apply for jobs, and get increasingly disheartened as i do so.  i drink the beer grandpa purchases for me on a nearly nightly basis. i try to ignore the fact that this summer has also been painful, overwhelming, difficult.

i watch the rain fall.

i let the zombies eat my brains.


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