rhythm of the night

a while back, i saw a movie called beau travail with a classmate from school.  judging by its description on the cinematheque website, i didn’t think i’d like it.  i thought it might be too boring.  actually, i kind of loved it (despite the fact that, apart from the same classmate, no one else i’ve shown the movie to has appreciated it even one iota). but the best thing about this movie is that it has the BEST ENDING EVER.


on a somewhat related note, i recently found out that los van van will be coming to toronto and nyc.  los padrinos de salsa!!  i saw them one night in havana; they are simply the best.  and in a wave of manic energy, i decided to try learning basic salsa moves via youtube videos.  that went well until i realized there was no real way to do this without a partner.  alas, i have no partner.  so then i stopped dancing.  but by that point, it was too late – i was covered, drenched in sweat in unabating humidity.  such is life.


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