tonight, i decided to treat myself to a taste of home.  i don’t know why, but even though it’s only a stone’s throw away, i almost never go to this place.  it’s called delicious restaurant, and the food there really is, well, delicious.  it’s a tiny spot, only open for limited hours during lunch and dinner (and closed mondays and tuesdays, which i found out yesterday, much to my dismay), and yet every time i go there, it’s packed.  they specialize in fujian cuisine.

stepping in there is kind of like walking home – the familiar sounds of fukienese surround me and i can speak in my native tongue.  the menu is really limited, maybe 30 main course items at most, but each is prepared just how i remember my grandpa cooking it.  tonight i ordered my usual: cha misua (fried noodles fukinese style) and mawee tung (a soup with a clear broth, featuring giant fish balls with a center filled with ground meat).

i think i will go for seconds now…


fish ball soup


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