it’s now been a good three months since my last post. i took a long hiatus from this blog – from a lot of things, actually – but i’ve now returned. the sun is shining, the days are long, the weather is warm, and i’m feeling less restless. so, it’s a good time to resume my blog.

time to fill in the gaps. not too long ago i took a trip to japan. one of the main goals of our trip was to eat a lot of good food. that was definitely accomplished. we went to great restaurants and ate a ton of amazing food and had unique experiences i will probably never have again. a more personal goal was to go fabric shopping, with a certain amount of restraint. i thought i had exhibited quite a lot of restraint; i realize now, taking stock of what i have, that i really didn’t. but to my credit, i bought less than i wanted to.

new fabric makes me happy. although my fabric stash is growing unwieldy and perhaps too large, i like fingering through it when trying to decide on a new project. it’s always nice to have inspiration around. and beautiful fabric is just lovely. the dark nani IRO fabric with a bright floral print is particularly special. from selvedge to selvedge, the flower print varies in density and pattern. if only i knew what to make with it!

super soft cotton and linen

gorgeous nani IRO fabric

beautifully packaged linen and notions from linnet

one thing i did buy that i probably shouldn’t have was a couple meters of two liberty prints. considering my sewing skills are still so rudimentary, it was probably a rash decision. but you should have seen the wall of liberty fabrics!!! it was too much to resist.

the top two are liberty prints, followed by another nani IRO, and a heavyweight etsuko furuya cotton.


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