ay ay ay ay ay cantaba…

lately, i’ve been reminded of wong kar wai movies because of a friend who is also into wong kar wai.  we went to watch in the mood for love on the big screen at the cinematheque.  so this weekend, i brought happy together and 2046 back from NY with me to toronto.

i’ve written about this before, but happy together is one of my favorite films.  not just one of my favorite tony leung films, or wong kar wai films, but in general.  i know i can be biased, because i love tony leung.  and i love wong kar wai in general.  but this movie is just so beautifully shot.  it’s just perfect.  it really captures a certain type of relationship, the dying end of it, and it does so beautifully.  i can never get tired of this movie.

i’d really love to get a copy of the soundtrack, but it’s unavailable in the US/Canada.  anyone have any ideas?

the soundtrack also has this great frank zappa song, “i have been in you.”

this movie is just so perfect.


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