kind hearted woman

it seems only appropriate that since i’m writing a paper for my a/v class on martin scorcese’s the blues, that i post up this video of eric clapton’s rendition of robert johnson’s “kind hearted woman blues”.  i particularly love eric clapton’s renditions of robert johnson songs, especially on his album me and mr. johnson.  regardless of what you might think of robert johnson himself, given that the recordings are older and therefore of lesser quality, clapton’s versions sound so alive, so immediate, and so wonderfully modern.  i discovered this in high school and it’s been a staple in my playlists ever since.  it just rocks my socks.

we watched a documentary film last week about tom dowd, in which clapton had some feature interviews.  one of my classmates remarked that he seemed like a bit of an ass.  well, whatever you think of clapton the man, his  music and his style are just phenomenal.

i need to go back to the essay writing, so an update will follow later about scorcese’s the blues.  for now, a clip:

Eric Clapton – Kind hearted woman blues
Uploaded by bebepanda. – See the latest featured music videos.


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