last week, as i was driving to the freeway in the midst of traffic, i saw something that caught my eye.  far above the gas station, i saw a flock of birds flying in sync, round and round in a circle.  i was mesmerized.  it was a small flock, and they went round and round.  a few days later, driving back to my house along the same route, i saw the same birds.  this time, i looked closely, and i realized they were clapping pigeons.  they brought back to me other clapping pigeons i had seen last summer, on a rooftop in williamsburg.  swarms of clapping pigeons, making circles, figure eights.  the sound of their wings, the force of the wind as they came close and swooped away.  i don’t like birds, but they were amazing.  and as i was sitting in my car watching these pigeons on the road, above this gas station, i couldn’t help but wonder who was controlling them.  i looked around me to see if anyone else noticed what was happening so close to them.  no such luck.  everyone was focused on the traffic.

i wondered how many times i’ve passed this intersection and have completely overlooked these beautiful clapping pigeons.  they really were quite magnificent.

it seems like a strange segue, but these pigeons remind me of a movie i saw recently, control, about ian curtis, lead singer of joy division.  i didn’t know much about this film going into it, but it was so worth every cent.  beautifully shot, excellent cinematography, moody and somber.  many might prefer new order, but really, i kind of love joy division.  there is something about songs like “digital”, “disorder”, or “atmosphere” that really just strike a chord with me.  and watching ian curtis is kind of great.  he has this amazingly manic, spastic dance that is at once hilarious and poignant at the same time.

this week, my sister suggested we film me reenacting curtis’s dance to a recording of “transmission”.  i think it’s an excellent idea.  i better start practicing spastically prancing around my living room.


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