i have just finished all my reading for a 20-page paper, and have just started writing the intro.  this means i can make a post without feeling an overwhelming amount of guilt.

so, the very day after i posted about the old lady i am in love with, the fates aligned.  i was waiting for the elevator, and she came up and waited with me, and we were the only two in the elevator.  we chatted for a bit.  i was a bit unsightly.  i was giddy.  i feel she may have been creeped out by the smile that was plastered on my face.

then, today we met again.  i was washing my hands in the bathroom, she came in and did the same.  we had a little exchange.

someone is conspiring on my behalf.  yeee!  =D

a friend suggested this obsession of mine might be becoming slightly unhealthy.

i don’t care.  i want to be her buddy.

she makes me happy.


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