in the face of impending doom…

i opt to write a post.  in the following 14 days, i am expected to write two papers totalling 50 pages and take three exams.  how far along am i in my progress towards accomplishing these ends?  not very.  it does strike me as problematic that i tend to compose my posts when faced with deadlines.

oh well.

what i want to write about is, however marginally, related to school.  i have to make a confession: i am pretty obsessed with someone in my program.  a boy, perhaps?  no.  an elderly lady, who must be at least in her 60s.  she’s in one of my classes, and i always see her in our faculty’s library, researching, studying, going online.  i think she is the absolute best.  she wears the most awesome cable knit sweaters and rubber shoes.  she has her silver hair cropped in the cutest bob.  she is this tiny, petite woman, and i think i am secretly in love with her.  we take a recordkeeping class together, and both she and i must realize that she will probably never be a records manager or archivist.  but she still plods on with the rest of us, spending almost as much time as i do in the library, diligently studying.  it probably takes her twice or thrice as much time as it does me to write a paper.  her profs are at least half her age.

recently, she made a presentation on a recordkeeping problem announced in the news.  she came prepared with a stack of papers 1/2 an inch thick, which is 10 times as much as the rest of us presented with.  she spoke eloquently and succinctly.  she stood in the front of class with her adorable plastic frame glasses.

i think she is the best person in my program.  it makes my heart smile whenever i see her.

i frequently feel the impulse to secretly stalk her because i think she is so cool.

i don’t even know her name.


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