Praised be man, he is existing in milk
and living in lilies –
And his violin music takes place in milk
and creamy emptiness –
Praised be the unfolded inside petal
flesh of tend’rest thought –
(petrels on the follying
wave-valleys idly
sing themselves asleep) –
Praised be delusion, the ripple –
Praised the Holy Ocean of Eternity –
Praised be I, writing, dead already &
dead again –
Dipped in ancid inkl
the flamd of T i m
the Anglo Olgo Saxon Maneuvers
Of old poet-o’s –
Praised be wood, it is milk –
Praised be Honey at the Source –
Praised be the embrace of soft sleep
– the valor of angels in valleys
of hell on earth below –
Praised be the Non ending –
Praised be the lights of earth-man –
Praised be the watchers –
Praised be my fellow man
For dwelling in milk

— Jack Kerouac, Mexico City Blues, 228th chorus


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