the death of ice cream parlours

ever look around for an ice cream shop lately?  i bet you’d be hard pressed to find one, or at least the one you’re looking for.

last week, while i was still in california, i was doing nothing with one of my friends when i had an urge to have some ice cream.  i didn’t want yogurt (too healthy!) nor did i desire any gelato (too icey!).  i just wanted some good ol’ fashioned creamy goodness.  in particular, i was craving for some ben and jerry’s.  one of my (many) pet peeves about toronto is that there are only two B&J locations in the city – not to mention no haagen daaz’s – and i was looking forward to coming to a country where both were plentiful.

but on this afternoon when all i wanted was mint chocolate chunk, did i get any?  a resounding no is my answer.  in the end, we called up a couple places and drove across town, only to discover that the B&J location at The Block had closed down – and was set to reopen as a yogurt shop in the fall!  in a hopeless moment, i suggested going to the nearest gas station, and unbelievably ended up satisfying my craving with a B&J cherry garcia bar at the local 7 eleven.  pathetic!

what i was looking for looked a lot like this

what i was looking for looked a lot like this

all of you who know me might be wondering – what happened to the pinkberry lover?  well, of course i love pinkberry!  and yogurtland isn’t half bad, either.  but sometimes, all i want is some ice cream.  this past winter, i had triple chocolate chip ice cream everyday for a month, in the midst of snow and subzero temperatures.  yogurt just wouldn’t have cut it.

so, here i am, and i demand: bring back the ice cream shops!! i love yogurt, but surely they can coexist.


3 thoughts on “the death of ice cream parlours

  1. lol. thanks for pointing out my error. i knew i should have changed it when i had second thoughts. =)

    and richard – i am an addict, what can i say? must have sprinkles again in august!!

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