chish mish

i originally intended on making a post about other things, but this was too good to pass up.   this morning, a “predawn raid” conducted by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency occurred in my building.  apparently, the man is a shady Chinese national running a meth lab in the city, and surveillance on the building had been ubiquitous.  delving a little deeper into it, i realize that our street is an exceptionally shady street: earlier this year, another Chinese man – a Triad member, for Pete’s sake! – who lived a few doors down was arrested for the same reason. as you can imagine, everyone around here’s been buzzing with gossip.

so much for the uneventful boredom/tranquility i had expected!

actually, though, the rest of my time has been passed just reading, playing sudoku, and trying to get my schedule for the next year in order.  oh yes, and avoiding writing my maid of honor speech like it was the plague.  (wish me luck!)


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