a sometime seamstress

i’ve somehow managed to pass may by without a single post.  (so much for my goals!)  but i’ve finally got a bit of time to sit down and write about one of the major activities that’s been occupying my attention for the past month: sewing!

at the end of school in april, i had grandiose plans of sewing one garment every week until i left for vacation.  as you might imagine, that hasn’t happened.  but i haven managed to complete a few things:

1.  i made my second shirt!  this shirt is adapted from one of the “built by wendy” patterns.  the original pattern had sleeves, but when i made a sample version of the shirt with muslin, i found i didn’t really care for the sleeves.  they poofed out a bit too much, and with summer approaching, i thought it would be nice to make something more summery (of course, i didn’t anticipate below 70F weather and constant rain).  in turning the shirt into a sleeveless top, however, i really should have used bias tape to finish the sleeve holes.  instead, i just folded it in, which looks less finished than i’d like.  oh well, we learn from mistakes, and next time i will definitely be using bias tape.


shirt closeup

i love the fabric – a bright orange summer-weight cotton with same-color plaid detailing.  my only real complaint is that the shirt turned out a bit low-cut, which means i’ll have to wear it with a tank-top underneath around familia.  otherwise, i love it!

2.  after making my first coin purse, i decided to make a few more – five, to be exact.  i’m planning on getting a couple more out before monday, though, so i can give them to my aunts.  i’ve finally got the shaping right, so these purses no longer look lopsided (unlike the first try).  as for me, i’m thinking that these purses might be the perfect places to house my earrings and other little knick knacks during my upcoming travels.


3.  in these recession times, i’ve found that a lot of fabulous patterns can be found online for free, like this great little pincushion pattern by heather bailey, or her cute fabric headband.  unfortunately, my products somehow never turn out exactly how i think they should, but i still think these little articles are so great!  it’s in my plan to also make a few more headbands before i leave, especially as my hair is constantly in my eyes.


4.  lastly, i made a ring bearer pillow for my sister’s upcoming wedding.  her bridal colors are green and gold, and luckily, i managed to find this amazing green-gold floral print by robert kaufman.  although i’m not such a fan of ultra blinging clothes, i love any print that has hints of gold running through it, and this fabric is just exceptional.  for some reason, gold trims seem to be nonexistent, so i chose a matching green ribbon with some slightly brighter, narrower ribbons to hold the rings on the pillow.  i can only hope mi hermana likes it!


pillow 2


i also made something else this month, but as it’s a gift for my sister, i won’t post it yet.  but look out for an update (which will be forthcoming, i swear).


4 thoughts on “a sometime seamstress

  1. wow! everything is so pretty! you’re a pro, charles! you taught yourself how to sew so well and so fast, it’s really quite amazing. i love all the fabric you chose, and i’m so happy about my pillow!

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