i can’t go on, i’ll go on

in normal circumstances, if i were writing a post at 3am, it would mean that i am procrastinating.  happily, that is not exactly the case on this occasion.  at the moment, i’ve just completed a 14 page paper on archival description and arrangement.  on sunday, i finished writing 6 pages for a collaborative paper for a research proposal.  by friday, i must write 7 more pages for a take-home exam on information policy.  so, not exactly.  because i should get started on the take-home exam, but my brain is already fried and i am feeling delirium setting in.  i keep telling myself: i am a trooper!

at least by noon on friday, i’ll be done with school.  forever.  well, for the next four months.  then i can finally have time to sit down with a book i’d actually like to read.  i can be crafty and i can cook up a storm in my kitchen.

i am counting down the hours.

surprisingly, though, i’ve actually made time in the past few weeks to do some stuff for myself.  i have been cooking (fish, since that appears to be the only thing i’m capable of), and i’ve been doing a bunch of sewing.  i’m about to finish up the most complicated shirt i’ve ever made.  i made a sample of it last week, and modified it a bit for the final product.  so look out for a future post!  in the meantime, i thought i’d write about another sewing project i’d taken on.

a couple weeks ago, i took the snap coin purse class at the workroom in parkdale.  i skipped out on my final archive lecture in order to attend this class, and boy, was it worth it.  i hadn’t quite realized how much i missed being “crafty” until that monday.  it was supremely satisfying to be able to put something together that was neither intellectual nor academic.  and it’s so useful!

the coin purse takes a very tiny amount of fabric.  most supply lists will say you need a fat quarter, but about a quarter of a quarter (or less) of each fabric is all you need.  i absolutely love the way my purse turned out.  the exterior is a beautiful grey with gold flecks in an upholstery weight, and the interior is lined with the prettiest fabric with tiny blue flowers (now officially my favourite print).  i am now on a mission to make a gazillion of these in the near future… right in between the next few dresses, shirts, and tote bag i plan on making as soon as i am officially on break.

coin purse exterior

coin purse interior

well, it’s back to the writing (or procrastinating) i go… yes, even though it’s now 3:30.  last night i was up till 5.

i’ll never know, in the silence you don’t know, you must go on, i can’t go on, i’ll go on. — samuel beckett, the unnamable


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