snow falls upon a hill, springtime will erase the chill…

yesterday was a balmy 51 F.  the roads have been clear of snow for over a month.  but this morning, i woke up to whiteness.  and the weather forecasts predicts snow for the next three days.  oh canada, how i loathe thee.


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  1. The song is called One World I forget what the musical is called though I think it is like Cosmic Pinball or something like that. I sang it in choir when I was little and I just joined my school choir and my teacher passes out this song I was so happy! ^_^

  2. I can’t believe more people know this song! I sing it all the time and I have no idea what the name of it was, and I can’t find it on Youtube! I’m so glad I wasn’t going crazy and imagining songs from my youth.

  3. After searching the entire internet (and finding your post as just about the ONLY one referencing this song) I thought I would post the lyrics after I hunted down a hard copy 🙂

    One World – From the Musical Cosmic Pinball
    Snow falls upon a hill
    Spring time will erase the chill
    All things begin to grow
    Fall comes, and there soon is snow.

    Through, all the wonders of space there is only one place we can all live in harmony
    See all around how earth can abound with life so amazing and free
    We have one world one place that we call home
    And it’s the only world we have to call our own
    So lets begin taking care of the world that we all share and let it thrive, let it shine, let it grow.

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