estoy contento

it’s been a while since my last post, which is evident since my current goal is to maintain statistics of better than one post per month.  in my defense, i’ve been extremely busy with school, work, and life in general.  i must say, though, that a lot of it is due to just plain laziness.  these days, when i get home from my day, all i want to do is sit and play new super mario or sit with my headphones on and make my fingers dance tap tap revenge 2.  that, or watch entourage.

but i’m getting my little butt to be a bit more productive, which is great.  here are some of my accomplishments for the past month:

1.  i finished my hat. ever since i saw a sample from the purl bee, i’ve wanted to make this knot hat.  while i was in new york in february, i managed to pick up another ball of yarn with the goal of finally making the fabulous pattern by blue sky alpaca.  it was surprisingly fast to make, given the tight gauge, and i was done in two weeks.  too bad i’ve only had the opportunity to show it off once so far.  but it was so satisfying, and making something tangible really made me happy.

knot hat

2.  i beat mario (and opened worlds 4 and 7).  since i retrieved the nintendo ds from charles in january, i’d been playing the new super mario brothers non-stop.  all my time not studying, sleeping, or working was spent with mario.  kinda lame.  but hey, everyone needs a way to relax.  and since i don’t watch tv, i needed some way to wind down, even if it was playing some old-school mario.

super mario bros

3.  i have created and implemented relational databases on mysql.  i have created complex ER diagrams.  i can query.  i can make reports on access.  if for only these facts alone, i am totally awesome.

4.  i am improving my grasp of espanol.  yes indeed.  diligence is mine.

5.  i have completed all my little errands that i’ve been meaning to do but haven’t done for the past four months.  that was super satisfying (or maybe, just a huge relief!)

lastly, on my first day off since august, i went fabric shopping and bought eight yards of muslin from macfab fabrics, where it’s only $2.99 per yard.  tonight i finished cutting the pieces of a pseudo button-down shirt, so hopefully the sample shirt will be underway soon.  i can’t wait till the end of classes (in three tortuous weeks) when i can finally have some time to myself, and guiltlessly devote hour upon hour to either doing nothing, making things, estudiaring espanol, or baking cupcakes and shaking up some mango lassis.

the weather has also been brighter these days, which has been improving my mood dramatically.  even though it’s still freezing, there’s no snow on the ground and there’s sun till close to 8pm.  i know the world – or at least my life – is becoming a better place when i can get out of work (at 6:30 p.m.) and see the sun still shining.



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