today was the first morning in what seems like forever that i didn’t wake up feeling entirely crappy and having to rush to work/school in two minutes’ time. i must say, it felt good. mind you, i wasn’t exactly ms. chipper, nor am i anywhere close to being fully rested, but things were certainly many degrees better. in fact, i had so much time driving to work that i had an opportunity to take a picture of this man’s license plate.


it reads: SIBERIA. i couldn’t help but laugh. an old friend of mine used to refer to anything remote or harsh as being from siberia. and i have no idea about that country, whether it is anything even remotely like the picture i have of it in my mind, but if siberia isn’t the coldest, most desolate place on earth, it should be.

in other good news, i also managed to experience my first really good bowl of pho in toronto today. after work, i headed over to a fantastic pho place in the wilson ghetto with one of my coworkers, who is half vietnamese-half chinese. the spring rolls sucked. but the pho was excellent. authentic, flavorful, with thin, yummy vermicelli noodles, topped with basil and a slice of lime. finally, something to compare to the vietnamese cuisine in california. it wasn’t no pho 99, but it was damn good. fully sated, i can finally settle into my reading for the evening…



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