manga for databases

img_3837this term, i decided to challenge myself and take five courses, one of which is about databases.  by the end of our course, we are supposed to be able to design, implement, code, and query a relational database.  although we have the option of using ms access, i’m using MySQL instead to complete our assignments.  strangely enough, i find the coding much  easier and more intuitive than the drag/drop/click action on access. i must say i was fairly confident about the databases class until i found out it was all math… in fact, i just found out that all computer-related stuff is all math.  gahh!!  i am inept at math.  math-retarded.

anyway, before starting the class, a friend of mine randomly found out that a manga guide to databases existed.  at first i thought it was merely amusing, but as time wore on, i became convinced that this was the key to success with databases.  so, as soon as it was available on amazon, i ordered a copy.  now it’s here!  manga for databases. the back of the book reads:

princess ruruna and cain have a problem: their fruit-selling empire is a tangle of conflicting and duplicated data, and sorting the melons from the apples and strawberries is causing real difficulties.  but what can they do?

why, build a relational database of course, with the help of tico, the magical database fairy.  follow along in the manga guide to databases as tico teaches ruruna and cain how to build a database to manage their kingdom’s sales, merchandise, and exports.  you’ll learn how databases work and the meaning of terms like schemas, keys, normalization, and transactions.

what could possibly be better?  and, of course, let’s not forget that there’s a love story at work here between princess ruruna and cain.  love, intrigue, and databases – yes!  at the very least, i sure hope this clear up issues like third normal form and weak entity sets for me.  our first design assignment is due in a couple weeks, so i will be diligently following the lessons of tico the database fairy.  updates to follow…


excerpt 2


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