a brand new day

huh what?

huh what?

goodness, has it really been so long?  my last post was over a month ago, which is a witness to how busy i’ve been.  the last few weeks of school really just slammed me: 7 assignments in two weeks was rather ridiculous.  i also had a few assignments before that, a friend visited, and i had to write some quizzes and exams for my kids.  oh, and on top of it all, i’m planning on increasing my workload next semester with a 5th class!  people keep telling me i’m insane but hey, i just like to stay busy.  it helps with the whole thinking thing.  but, never fear, i will be more on top of things this time around (or that’s the plan, anyway – but you know how plans go…)

well, i’m back in the philippines again, i’ve seen sun for two straight days, and am reading a book for fun… something i’ve not done since… since i was last in the philippines!  so, life is looking pretty good.  other morsels of goodness?  well, the weather is nothing like how it was in august during rainy season, with all the sticky humidity and oppressive heat… it’s pretty gorgeous now, so i’m happy.  i’m with my gparents, my grandma has the cutest haircut, and i just had my favourite bangus breakfast this morning.  the only thing i could wish for is… well, two things: bluetooth, and regular internet service.  yes, bluetooth.  i am just floored at the idea that my camera doesn’t have bluetooth capabilities.  i mean, what has the world come to??  haha… so, while i’d like to update with pictures, they will not be forthcoming until i get back to the big apple…

so, as sting says, it’s the start of a brand new day.  well, sort of.  with the new year  fast approaching, i’ve decided to change my blog to something a bit more… um, not black?  i’m always a fan of simple black, but with the onset of winter and the incessant presence of SAD, my blog needs a happier facade.

anyway.  the past couple days have been interesting.  making it to the philippines has been akin to a pilgrimage of sorts, full of pseudo-disasters.  to start it all off, i woke late and couldn’t showa powa, so felt gross arriving at the airport.  upon arrival, i discovered my flight had been delayed seven hours, so wasted some more money and went back home… upon which i fell asleep again, woke up late, nearly missed showering again, returned to the airport, and sat in the plane for 15 hours to tokyo.  only to realize upon arrival that i had missed my connection, and so had to stay overnight in a country whose language i don’t speak, after having not slept for the past 15 hours because of the onset of a cold and the discomfort of AA.  frustration mounting to a feverish pitch as i tried contacting operator after operator with no success in reaching my grampa, or sister, or anyone… waiting for my luggage to discover that it had already been transferred so my wait was essentially without meaning or point or valor or worth… (ok, ok, hyperbole, i know)

to have all that disappear as soon as i stepped inside my hotel room and said, yes, thank god, ahh.  dinner and breakfast paid for, free wifi, a toothbrush, a hot shower, a fluffy comforter and a firm bed that would’ve made my sister proud… and my cares (momentarily) disappeared.  the next day i boarded a JAL flight to manila, and felt relaxed for the first time in days (weeks? months?)  all i really have to say is that i’m super impressed by the japanese, everyone was super friendly and accomodating and nice, such a contrast with american and canadian hospitality people, and all my male friends who are fond of cute asian girls would love JAL if only for that reason… i mean, so long as you like ’em in super amounts of makeup.  they even change outfits midflight (it was only a four hour flight)!  unfortunately, you can’t see what i mean until i get my photos uploaded, which won’t be for another week or so, but look out for updates…

the most comfortable bed i've slept in my entire vacation...

the most comfortable bed i slept in my entire vacation...

i love the mini water-heater!

i love the mini water-heater!

pjs provided by the hotel

pjs provided by the hotel

yummy JAL food (katsu)

yummy JAL food (katsu)


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