given the fact that i really do need to absolutely be up in less than 6 hours, blogging is not something i should be doing right at this very moment in time.  but i’m feeling tired of doing nothing but school-work and work-work, so i’m taking a stand and making a post!

lately, every time my sister comes to visit me at home, she’s been watching the big lebowski.  on repeat.  for an entire weekend, i’ve had lebowski while eating, lebowski while reading, lebowski while trying to understand the intricacies of archival theory… just lebowski everywhere!!!  it’s been a permanent backdrop.

not that i mind.  i mean, i own the movie for a reason, and that’s because it’s probably one of the best movies ever made.  it’s impossibly hilarious.  nothing the coen brothers have done in recent years has been quite so funny.

my sister’s example, though, has inspired me to try to integrate walter and his dudeness into every aspect of my daily life, including a presentation that i’m giving in my archival theory class this wednesday.  yes, one moment i will be talking about evidence and records, and the next, duderino.  i spent a useless hour last night looking though walter fan-sites while ostensibly *working* on my presentation.  well, i had an excuse, as i was looking for the right pictures to use… so here they are:

walter holding donny (folgers can)

walter holding donny (folgers can)

covered in ashes

covered in ashes

fuck it, let's go bowling

walter and duderino have a moment. then, walter: fuck it, let's go bowling

ok fine, i’m not actually going to use all of the above stills. but the first still isn’t just gratuitous self-gratification… no, not at all!  the folgers can really will illuminate some important point in my presentation, i promise…


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