tell me

back in august, i promised an update of my students’ in-class presentation.  i was somewhat surprised at how things transpired, as i didn’t actually expect my students to get up and dance for me, but lo and behold, they did!  they created a skit based on *bad* students and randomly integrated the dance towards the end of their dialogue which, as you can imagine, ended in uncontrollable laughter (on their part – and mine).  they were supremely adorable and hilarious.

i managed to make a short video while furtively looking out for my boss.  my students made me promise not to post it up on youtube, and respecting that, i won’t post the video up here either.  but!… i made some still frames, so you can have a sense of what it was like. now, if you can only imagine these stills in action…

oh my students… they are too cute!!


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