i made obama

a while ago i made a facebook post on Fold U.S. Candidate, a website that allows you to download finger puppet templates of the three major presidential candidates.  but no one seemed to be interested.

so today, i finally did it.  i took out my nice printing paper.  i downloaded.  i printed.

i made obama.

and hillary.

and mccain.

and i’m telling you, if you are having a stressful day, this will cheer you up.  there’s nothing quite like making your own obama to relieve the concerns of your day.  they just seem to melt away as you see each of them come alive and onto your finger… and each is so unique!  hillary has a stumpy, shapely figure.  obama’s ginormous ears stick out the side of his head.  mccain takes up two fingers.  my sister and i dissolved into fits of giggles every time i produced another candidate (although i’m not sure this says so much about the finger puppets as it does about us, as people).

i encourage everyone to make a presidential candidate finger puppet.  then you, too, can say such memorable lines as “but i’m not done gluing obama yet!”


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