as tears go by

maggie cheung and andy lau in as tears go by

maggie cheung and andy lau in 'as tears go by'

last night my sister and i watched as tears go by, the first of wong kar wai’s films. while it wasn’t demonstrative of the style he perfects in his mature films, it still has the lingering romanticism that is the highlight of all of wong’s movies. it was also fantastic to see some of his regular actors in their baby-faced youth: maggie cheung, andy lau, and jacky cheung (even though jacky has quite possibly the most annoying role in the history of hk cinema). in some ways it reminded me of scorcese’s mean streets (another film i didn’t much like) in its portrayal of a small-time hooligan (harvey keitel, andy lau) incapable of letting go and inexplicably protective of his even smaller-time “little brother” (de niro, jacky cheung).

and speaking of tears going by, after more than a decade of dating, tony leung finally married carina lau this week. they had a gorgeous buddhist wedding in the himalayan mountains. when my student told me the news, i was devastated. *sigh*


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