ah, my lovely bedfellow

it’s still a little bit awkward for me to talk about, so i might as well just say it: i recently subscribed to time magazine. the subject’s a little touchy only because i can’t even remember the number of people i know who have derided this magazine at some point in their lives, me included. in at least some of my friends’ circles, it’s generally considered intellectually facile, a magazine for the mindless masses.

well, i now happily count myself as one among them. i initially started picking up time this year because of all the profiles they were doing on the presidential candidates when the primaries were going strong. i really love to read the magazines i like, but i usually find that i don’t have enough patience nor attention span to sit through an article, much less an entire magazine.

but i actually found time to be fantastic. personally, i can’t stand reading newspapers. they take up too much space on the table, are impossible to read on the train without crowding someone else’s space, leave dirty marks on your fingers, and are simply altogether too long – i don’t know anybody who can read an entire paper every single day. and without colorful, interesting pictures, i lose interest faster than the time it takes me to scan a webpage. time, on the other hand, conveniently highlights the important news of the week and packs it into one, neat format that fits in my purse, that i can whip out anywhere and read a couple paragraphs, be it while waiting for my milk tea or killing time in class. it’s also entertaining, has fabulous photographs, closely follows the political state of affairs in the u.s., and contains some fantastic, humorous, informative articles.

like this next article here. i came home yesterday to find the latest issue on my night table, the one with nelson mandela’s face on the cover. pretty serious stuff, right? well, i opened it up and the first article i happened to come across is about… japanese elderly porn. huh??? this was the most hilarious article i’ve read in a long time. the man you see in the above picture is shigeo tokuda, japan’s most popular 73-year-old porn star, who has starred in approximately 350 adult pictures in the past dozen or so years. “elder porn” is, apparently, japan’s fastest growing porn genres, and tokuda is at, well, the top of his game:

Tokuda is rare among Japanese porn stars in that his name has become a brand. The Shigeo Tokuda series portrays him as a tactful elderly gentleman who instructs women of different ages in the erotic arts, and he boasts a body of work far more impressive than that of most porn actors in their prime.

mm, yes. “tactful elderly gentleman”. try not to let the puns and visual suggestions get to you too much. and all that coming from a guy, mind you, who suffered a heart attack three years ago (too much exercise, anyone?) the article also claims that elder porn is extremely popular with younger clientele and sells better than your regular, average adult videos. what’s more, tokuda plans on keeping his part-time job (which neither his daughter nor his wife know about) until he’s 80. let the good times roll… and keep rolling on into senility.

so, the next time we all want to get together for b-movie night, why not try maniac training of lolitas? or, this one’s great, forbidden elderly care??


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