it was such a gorgeous day out today that i couldn’t resist going out and soaking up the sun and beautiful weather. literally perfect – clear, cloudless sky, bright sunshine, zero humidity, cool breeze. but now that i’m home, i thought i’d write about my growing home sewing studio. my workspace consists of pretty much the entire condo, since the various surfaces i need to work on are all over the place. but until i get my hands on a large table, i’m making it work.

karyn (at the workroom) likes to say that quality tools are a good investment because they’ll last a lifetime. she also claims that aesthetics comes into play, since loving your tools will only facilitate your use of them, and i couldn’t agree more. last week, i finally caved in and bought a sewing machine. i had been spending way too much time and money on the subway/bus getting to and from downtown just to sew. granted, i also went to the workroom because i knew that i’d have someone to answer my questions and help me with bumps in the road, but i also knew that more practice would result in better sewing – and nothing could beat the convenience of a sewing machine at home.

the first machine i bought was brother xl5500. it is unequivocally a horrible machine. i don’t recommend it to anybody, especially not anyone just starting out, since the machine jumps to warp speed with just a light touch of the footpad. it also boasts the most irritating, loud clank every time the needle goes in and out of the machine. within five minutes i knew this was not the machine for me. i was out the door again within a couple hours to find another one – and find one i did!

readers, let me introduce to you my new baby, singer 7422 advance.

my first love (until it was replaced by my next...)

sleek, quiet, smoothly functional… ok, i will stop sounding like a car salesman. but this machine is seriously great. every function i could ask for, a nice moderate sewing pace, sturdiness and perfect stitches – i’m in love!

with a sewing machine at home, it was time to invest in some other tools. i couldn’t get by without a pair of scissors by gingher. ok, maybe i could, but i splurged on them anyway. they are a dream to cut with. they cut through layers of fabric with as much precision and ease as a normal pair of scissors would cut through a sheet of paper. they are incredibly aesthetically attractive and totally satisfying to hold in your hands. every time i look at them, i just want to cut something.

the first cut

the first cut

and finally, not least is the fabric i work with, all of which i think are beautiful. my fabric collection is definitely starting to grow. soon, i too will have my own wall of color!


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