the end of the timothy phase

as someone who has been traditionally private, notoriously difficult to contact, and generally evasive about her whereabouts and activities, it might seem odd that i’m starting a blog. and some might call this intellectual prostitution.

well, whatever.

this blog is the product of a recent series of gradual changes that have resulted in my having a more positive outlook on my circumstances – current, past, and future. i feel as if i’ve reached a turning point of sorts – a desire for a more stable, less crazy, grown-up life, and a refocus on me and my own experience of the world. in the past few months i’ve participated in multiple activities that have forced me to reengage the world, and for the first time in a long time, i’m loving it and i feel happy about the possibilities the future might bring.

i intend this blog to be a reflection of my interests and activities, travels and adventures, thoughts and randomness. it is fueled by my desire to create a meaningful forum that will connect me to the various persons with whom i’ve crossed paths in my haphazard, unstable, around-the-world existence. whether you’re on the east coast or the west, or on a different continent altogether, it’s my hope that this blog will connect me to all of you.


2 thoughts on “the end of the timothy phase

  1. Yay, you have a blog! Now it will slowly take over your life and thoughts. Whatever you are doing at a particular moment, you will rephrase all your thoughts in your head into a blog entry, or maybe you will ponder if what you are doing is even blog-worthy to begin with (which, of course it is!). Anyways, a part of this entry (which has no mention of The actual Timothy) is pretty similar to my blog description, but I suppose most blogs are written for that very same reason– to connect us all together 🙂 especially for you, since for most of your life, you have been nomadic. I applaud you for (at least momentarily) resisting the urge to go someplace else and embracing where you’re at, and allowing the rest of the world to see you in this very different, veering-on-stable, homemaker-ish state– cheers to you and your new blog!

  2. well you know, no need to mention the actual timothy. it’s more symbolic, that i had that obsession… let’s be honest, it was borderline desperate. it’s a pretty good indication of where i was then… totally isolated, angry, and removed from el mundo.

    homemaker-ish… aya!! i feel like i’m becoming martha stewart. and yes, this has already taken over my every waking moment…

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